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Thoughts on the evolution of marketing communications from James Warren

Talking about social media (with poor hair)

More on Ideas That Grow (and more)

This time on video.  Multi-blooming-media, people.

PR creates Ideas That Grow

This is the copy of an essay I wrote a while back.  I like the phrase Ideas That Grow.  If you want to print it out, there’s a PDF on the Weber Shandwick Brussels site, here. Ideas that grow: making… Continue Reading →

Twitter Vision

There has been lots said in the past few weeks about Social TV. The concept is simple and potentially very powerful. In a nutshell, it describes the mass online collaborative experiences that occur in real time during TV broadcasts, extending… Continue Reading →

Algorithm and blues

Absolutely essential reading from Les Hinton, CEO of Dow Jones. It’s an fascinating speech. Mr Hinton seems to lay a significant portion of the blame for media’s current travails at the social media ‘industry’. Wrong argument, I think. The world… Continue Reading →

Google CEO on information

Eric Schmidt asserts most people in the future will get their information from non-traditional sources. As we know, they already are. Anyway, interesting views on content (it’ll be mostly Chinese, by volume), device-agnosticism (esp video), ranking of location/relevance (mobile) etc…. Continue Reading →

Introducing INLINE

This morning in London Colin Byrne and I hosted a seminar for 100 media, clients and prospects on INLINE Communications. Here’s the deck. You can also download the report and other stuff (and watch a hideous video of me talking… Continue Reading →

Convergence stats set to bleepy music

What’s not to like? From The Economist. Hat tip to Chris Vary.

The future of the mobile, 2007

Not a faster horse?

Maker-of-cars Henry Ford is credited with saying: If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse In that simple statement lies the essence of innovation. This blog intends to address and discuss what organisations… Continue Reading →

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